Privacy Policy

Policy for Personal Information Protection.

Policy for Personal Information Protection

We, Asti Corporation (Company), hereby state our ultimate cognition and recognition with regard to Personal Information (to be described A. in below) and will strictly abide by the concerned laws and regulations by enforcing ourselves to protect said information.

A. Nature of Personal Information :

It is the information that could identify a specific individual(s) such as name in full, date of birth, concerned address, related telephone number, e-mail address and other peculiar alikeness

B. Acquisition of Personal Information :

In the event when Company acquires Personal Information, Company will specify, as hard as it can, such objective of usage prior to collecting needful information through appropriate and impartial means.

C. Utilizing Personal Information :

Company will use Personal Information for the following purposes but to the extent of indispensability.

  • Administration subjects related to company’s business contracts, post-sale services and introduction of new products.
  • Notifying exhibitions and/or seminars that are conducted or participated by Company.
  • Recruiting as well as employee’s administrative subjects.
  • To be used for Company’s questionnaires and surveys, whilst responding enquiries and topics from concerned people in parallel manner.

Company will not utilize Personal Information without consent of concerned person, over and above its objective use or outside of requirement.

In case when handling all or portion of Personal Information to be outsourced to the third party, Company, in order to ensure the safety of Personal Information, will provide and take necessary measures to its process.

D. Disclosing Personal Information :

Company will not anyway disclose Personal Information to the third party or parties without consent of concerned person, unless otherwise specified by the Act of Personal Information or any other lawful provisions.

E. Safety Measurement for Personal Information :

Company will take appropriate and indispensable means of administration against disperse, loss, alteration or disclosure of Personal Information whilst paying effort for such protection. Company also maintains proper and required supervisory measures for employees.

F. About presentation, correction, deregistration :

In case the concerned person has been made such request for not to present, correction or deregistration of his/her Personal Information, Company will fidelity be handled such particular matter in accordance with the Act of Personal Information, subject to confirmation of positive identification for concerned person.

G. Enquiry :

Company will accept and takes care any and all enquires regarding Personal Information at Company’s reception as mentioned in below.

Personal Information counter is available at Administrative Department in Company's head office;

Location: Plot No. 75, Mandal (Japanese Park) Industrial Estate, Near Vitthalapur Cross Road, Vitthalapur, Dist: Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 382120

Telephone : +91 2715-661100

E-mail Address :

H. Continuous Effort :

Company will maintain and attributes effort to improve its system to handle Personal Information. Company may update the policy for Personal Information due to regulation changes or alterations in social and business practices or standards. Company will make such announcement of policy changes over the website without delay.